This morning I wanted to play with the Zend_Dojo Editor in order to allow users to submit content. Honestly from what I saw I don’t really like the looks of it (checkout the microsoft version of a web editor in Sharepoint if you want to compare), but well I thought it’ll do the trick for the moment. So I added this in my form :

  1. $this->addElement(‘editor’, ‘content’,
  2. array(
  3. ‘editActionInterval’ => 2,
  4. ‘focusOnLoad’        => true,
  5. ‘height’             => ‘250px’,
  6. ‘inheritWidth’       => true,
  7. ));

And all I got was an error ! Why, because the Dojo editor exists only in the svn trunk for the moment (it seems to be scheduled for the 1.7 version). The question is : should that really stop you from using it ? Ok, you know the answer, so let’s go on to the second problem : how to get the framework from svn ? Unfortunately I couldn’t get an explanation from since the corresponding pages were down, so I had to google arround to find what I was looking for. And guess what, a simple command line does the trick :

  1. svn checkout

And here you go…