I’ve been testing Amazon EC2 with RDS now for a few month and I’ve had time enough to make an opinion about the quality of service. So here it is : I think IT SUCKS !
So sorry let me correct this : I think it really sucks !

Why ? Let’s look a numbers, numbers don’t like. So I’ve been using another server from OVH a french server provider and I’ve had 100% uptime for many years. Yes you read well, not a single problem for years, running multiple websites, with a mysql engine on local.
So I guess I expected quality of service. Maybe. It would be fair to say so.

And what do I get with EC2 ? This month I’m having 99.42 measured by Pingdom. Yes 99.42, with 2 outages and 4h 20m 58s downtime. Why did I get that ? I have absolutely no idea the only thing I can tell you is that it can’t be the software who’s responsible since no one is using my plateform… Yes I set this plateform only for test purpeose !
And the 99,42 is costing me 200 euros per month (with a 300 euros AMI reservation upfront). Compared to OVH 50 euros per month for 100% uptime well…

Oh, ok I’m not exactly fair here since I’m renting 2 machines, one for the db and one for the webserver so what I really would have is to pay 100 euros for the equivalent at OVH. WRONG ! because for 100 euros I’d get 2 REAL servers there, oh boy why did I fall for this marketing crap !

But maybe, hopefully you won’t !

So think twice before using EC2. My experience is that it’s not worth it. Get a real server, not virtual images that get disconnected from the Internet for no reason (and they didn’t even told me the reason why my images weren’t available !!!).

So is the hard world of Internet development.

So long EC2 I’m leaving you for more reliable backends.