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Damn sometimes… Sometimes we have bugs that seem just impossible. Well I’ve just had one, I solved I just can’t resist posting it here. Guys I have to tell you it’s the most stupid bug I’ve sold, I laugh so much when I understood what happend. Ahhh life’s funny sometimes 😉

Here it is.

I’m querying a JsonRestStore that sends back this data :


Well I removed the content of the data but that’s of no importance. Note that I had about 25 records sent from the JsonRestStore that looked pretty much the same except one field : item_type was for item 1 “lunches” and for all the rest “opportunities”.

Then my code, inside a dojo widget I’m fetching the JsonRestStore and getting the items. Except I want to order items using the field item_type.

// Fetch the objects{

query: {object:"Task"},
sort: sortKeys, // Order by... date DESC
onComplete: dojo.hitch(this, function(items,request){


// Now format each element
for (var i = 0; i < items.length; i++){

var item=items[i];


lunches += '

//console.log(item.item_type +;
else if (item.item_type="opportunities"){

lunches += '


// Add titles to the elements
if(lunches !=""){

lunches = "


" + lunches ;
if(opportunities !=""){

opportunities = "


" + opportunities ;

this.TaskList.innerHTML = lunches + opportunities ;


Guess what happend… All my items went on the lunches category. But WHY WHY WHY ???
You’ll find out I’m sure, and laugh a lot, hopefully 😉


Still working on my Tree, irc’s magic chamber (#dojo) gave me a solution I tend to forget from times to times related to extending some of dojo’s functions (credits dmachi, thanks man 😉

Here it is :

myStore = new{target:"/objects/", labelAttribute:"Task_Action"});

myModel = new dijit.tree.ForestStoreModel({
store: myStore,
deferItemLoadingUntilExpand: true,
query: {object:'Task'},
rootLabel:'test test'


dojo.extend(dijit.Tree, {_createTreeNode: function(args){

console.log("this is cool stuff");
console.log("_createTreeNode: ", args);
return new dijit._TreeNode(args);


myTree = new dijit.Tree({
id: "myTree",
model: myModel,
persist: false,


Here’s a good idea : make a new widget that will display charts related to a page. I had a few problems building this since the template must have set some parameters like style, width and height otherwise your chart wont’ display and you’ll get a wierd error. I’ll give you a very simple example on how to start building this idea.

Here’s my template :


Note that the style=”width …” *must* be there otherwise the chart won’t display.
Let’s continue …




templatePath: dojo.moduleUrl("mywidget","templates/Stats.html"),

postMixInProperties: function(){


postCreate: function(){

var chart1 = new dojox.charting.Chart2D("test");
chart1.addPlot("default", {type: "Pie"});
chart1.addAxis("y", {vertical: true});
chart1.addSeries("Series 1", [1, 2, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 7]);


startup: function(){



Well nothing big here but it works 😉
I’m trying actually to develop multiple statitics that I’ll probably end putting in tabs. We’ll see, maybe later if I have good results I’ll post somehting here 😉

See ya guys !