I spend quiet a lot of time on this one, I posted arround here and there to find the anwser on how to make a JsonRestStore happend with Zend Framework. There are quiet a few tutorials out there but my main problem was a response from the server when POST request was made (when creating a new document).

Well here’s the solution :
->setHeader('Content-Type', 'application/json', true)
->setHeader("Location", 'http://mywebsite' . $this->_request->getRequestUri() . $id);

$params['id'] = $id;
return $params;

First : you need to send back a code 201. Second, you need to send the url of the store with the new id (ex : mysite/store/4
Then you need to send back the content of the item created + the id in order to be able to play with it with DOJO. Otherwise, no fun.

Here’s the dojo part of the code :

testStore = new dojox.data.JsonRestStore({jsId:"tStore", target:"/test/", idAttribute:"id" });

// Get the content of a form with a magic dojo query
data = {};
dojo.query(" textarea, .ArticleNewFormElement > input").forEach(function(node, index, arr){
data[node.id] = dijit.byId(node.id).attr("value");

// Add the item to the DataStore
var newClient = clientsStore.newItem(data);

// Save it back to the server
clientsStore.save({onComplete:function(item) {

// Now you can play with the ID of the element you just created, so cool !


Note that I changed a few variables here and there for my blog without rechecking the entire stuff so re-read it if you need to use it, but it works. JsonRestStore is your friend I tell you !